Neo Geo ROM hacks

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KOF94 slowdown and NeoSD/Darksoft patch released

paulb-nl of the MiSTer team has contributed a great patch for KOF94. With it, most slowdown in the game is gone when playing on a MiSTer or truly real hardware*.

This patch also fixes the graphical glitches that could occur on the NeoSD or the Darksoft Multi.

If you play on any of these platforms, the patch is highly recommended. It improves the game nicely. If you play on an emulator, you will see no difference. The patch is on the King of Fighters 94 page.

* "truly real hardware" means playing on a Neo Geo with the hack burned onto eproms on a real Neo Geo cart, not a multi cart like the NeoSD/Darksoft. They are similar, but don't quite simulate what an actual cart does.

Samurai Shodown 4 Cheat Sheet fix

One of the combos listed on the common page was bogus. So it was removed.

New hack: Samurai Shodown 4 cheat sheet

Pause the game to see your character's moves.

KOF94 Cheat Sheet: now works in versus mode

Now when playing in versus mode, whoever paused the game will see their movelist.

The hack still only works in AES/home mode.